Sunday, June 1, 2008

A challenge and a commitment

Today, I listened to my best friend's dad (a retired pastor of 25 years) preach (teach?) at the local church ( we've been attending. It was the first time I've heard him. It was a very good job and message.

In fact, so good, I was challenged to begin reading the Bible on a daily basis and the thought came to me - you're an IT guy without a blog - with things to say - you should finally blog. And, I thought it might be neat to track the changes in my life as I commit to reading through the Bible every day. The goal will be to get through the entire Bible (for the first time ever) in one year using one of the (many) "read-the-Bible-through-in-1-year programs/plans. So, this is Post # 1 for me and this Blog aptly titled "Every Day of the Year."

Think I'll use "The Message" version/translation for this and branch out as needed.

Here's to me committing to reading the Bible daily, committing to keeping this blog up to date accordingly, and most importantly committing to the positive change that *will* come of it...


Kevin Wethington
Union, KY

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Nathan said...

Nice move. Blogs make you accountable. I'm adding you to my RSS. I've found that if I know I have readers, I'm much more likely to continue posting.

I've been using a cool tool from called YouVersion. They have The Message as a translation you can use, and they have a yearly Bible reading program.

IF I can encourage you further in any way, just let me know.